Pre-Rinse Sprayer


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The surprisingly powerful stream that comes from this low flow pre-rinse sprayer will charge through heavy food build up, burnt pans, and more, making it the best performer available for efficiency and quality of stream delivery. Flow rates as low as 0.6 GPM upon request, and with ‘Cleanability’ times well within the guidelines of performance as measured by both Fish-Nick Testing Agency and the ASME. The sprayers are also available in faster flow rates of 0.74, 0.84, and 0.95 GPM, all at 60 psi.

Model #: Pre-Rinse Sprayer

Standard Flow Rate: 0.6 GPM

Width: 2.0″

Height: 7.25″

Weight: 19.5 oz

Material: Brass & Neoprene

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