Free Water & Energy Saving Kits

Manitoban’s annual savings

1,030,711,886.05 Litres of water saved per year!
12,228,528 Kwh Energy Saved per year!
2,496,120 m3 Green house gas emissions saved per year

Save water and energy

Up to 12 per cent of your energy bill can be from heating your water. Install high-efficient low-flow plumbing devices with a 5.7 litres per minute flow rate in your home to reduce both water and energy consumption. Typical shower heads and faucet aerators have a flow rate of 9.1 litres per minute.

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Manitoba Hydro's Water and Energy Saver Program offers free Water and Energy Saver Kits to help you save water and energy, while reducing your carbon footprint. The kit can save you up to $30 a year on your residential energy bill and up to $30 on your water bill. The kits are delivered via mail. Learn more about Manitoba Hydro's Water and Energy Saver Program.

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