Energy Saving Programs

Enbridge Winterproofing Smart Thermostat Program

Ecofitt is permitted to deliver the Winterproofing Smart Thermostat Program on behalf of Enbridge. The Enbridge Winterproofing Program, and subsequently the Winterproofing Smart Thermostat Program, are income qualifying programs. The Winterproofing Smart Thermostat program offers the installation of a free smart thermostat by a certified and knowledgeable HVAC Technician for all qualifying Enbridge customers. This involves replacing the customer’s existing conventional or programmable thermostat with an ecobee 3 lite or a Nest E smart thermostat, with the goal of customers observing a benefit from smarter, more efficient energy usage in the home.

Benefits of Smart Thermostat Installation:

  • Reduction in energy usage due to smart learning capabilities of the thermostat
  • Reduction in energy costs due to smarter, more efficient energy usage in the home

How the Program Works:

  1. Homes qualify for the installation of a free smart thermostat based on income and participation in the income qualifying Enbridge Winterproofing Program
  2. Once all installation measures for stage one of the program have been completed in the home, an appointment is made for an Ecofitt certified HVAC Technician to install either the ecobee 3 lite or Nest E smart thermostat and educate the customer on the various settings and functions to get the most benefit from the product
  3. For any inquiries on the Enbridge Winterproofing Smart Thermostat Program, please call 1-833-455-9685 or email winterproofingtstats@ecofitt.ca.

Multi-Unit Residential Showerhead Replacement Program


Since 2015, Ecofitt has been permitted to deliver Enbridge’s commercial multi-unit residential customers a rebate for each showerhead of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or greater that is replaced with a low-flow showerhead of 1.5 gpm or less. The customer incentive amounts to $6/showerhead.

Benefits of Installing Low-Flow Showerheads:

  • Reduction in natural gas costs
  • Reduction in water costs
  • Fewer complaints from building occupants about insufficient hot water

How the Program Works:

  1. Customers qualify for the rebate once it is confirmed that all existingshowerheads have a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or greater and that natural gas is the source for domestic hot water heating
  2. A flow rate test is conducted on existing showerheads for 10% of the residential units at the building address. The test is administered randomly on each floor on different rises throughout the building. Test results must be recorded on the completed and signed “Fixed Retrofit Incentive Application Form” including suite numbers where new showerheads were not installed, if applicable

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