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PeakSaver PLUS Program

peaksaver PLUS

The peaksaver PLUS program was a way to save energy and join other Ontario households in a commitment to conservation.

During hot summer weekdays, when central air conditioners are running at their maximum, the demand for electricity is at its highest. The peaksaver PLUS program helped customers save energy when using their large appliances including:

  • A central air conditioner
  • An electric water heater
  • A pool pump

Program participants received a free Energy Display (a $250 value); an easy-to-use electricity monitor that is connected to your meter to provide near real-time feedback on how you are consuming electricity in your home. It shows:

  • The amount of electricity you are consuming at any particular time
  • The difference in electricity consumption caused by turning various electrical appliances ON and OFF
  • The amount of money you are spending on electricity consumption, based on current electricity rates

The program ended on December 31st, 2015.

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