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Ecofitt Joins CLEAResult

By | Company News
Ecofitt is Joining the Team

Welcome to the team Ecofitt Corp! Bringing our energy efficiency expertise and services together will be a true game changer for reducing energy use and decarbonizing communities across Canada.



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Powering Generations: Legacy to the Future

By | Industry News

Ecofitt is honoured to join leaders in the energy efficiency industry on June 4th-6th, 2019. This event, sponsored by Clean Energy BC, aims to bring together industry stakeholders to share knowledge, celebrate successes and promote conversations around energy efficiency across the province.

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CleanBC: Reducing Pollution. Powering our Future.

By | Industry News

On December 5, 2018 the government of British Columbia released a climate action plan to help British Columbians use more clean and renewable energy and to reduce GHG emissions by 18.9 Mt below the 2007 baseline by 2030.  

“It’s a plan about climate and science, actions and targets. But ultimately, CleanBC is about putting our province on the path to a cleaner, better future — with a lowcarbon economy that creates opportunities for all while protecting our clean air, land and water” — Premier John Horgan

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Christina Found Her Fit at Ecofitt

By | Company News

Christina Pidlaski was determined to carve out a career in energy sustainability. After working in California for 10 years, she returned to Alberta to be part of the clean energy transition.

“I never really knew how I could play my part,” said Pidlaski.

She decided to pursue an MBA specializing in Energy Management and Sustainability at the University of Calgary. One of her courses involved a consulting project and she chose to work with the Canadian Coalition for Green Finance, which exposed her to green investment and research. A big part of her work was to communicate her research and make them accessible to investors and industry.

Nearing graduation, she found a job posting at Ecofitt, a Canadian energy efficiency company which began with a small staff of 15 in Calgary. Working closely with consumers on energy efficiency seemed too good to be true to her, but within a week she was working as the company’s Program Coordinator.

Ecofitt runs energy conservation programs across Canada and works with provincial and municipal governments to develop regional programs. They also manufacture water and electricity-saving products, including light bulbs, which they use for direct install and kit programs.

Our workforce has been a crucial part of delivering this program, and will be indispensable in successfully completing the next

Ecofitt’s first Alberta program working with Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Residential No Charge Energy Savings Program (RNCESP), involved efficient upgrades for both rural and urban houses, apartments, and condos, where teams installed LED bulbs, faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, power bars and smart thermostats.

As Ecofitt expanded, Pidlaski was promoted to Regional Program Coordinator, then again to Operations Manager.  At the peak of the RNCESP, she had 16 field coordinators and nearly 400 technicians working on her team, some who originally worked in oil and gas, but whose skills were easily transferable to energy efficiency. As the program nears completion, the team size has become more manageable, but the logistical challenges still keep her busy.

Pidlaski said the response to the program has been extremely positive.

“I can’t tell you the number of people who have made the effort to call in or write in thanking us for not only the products we installed, but the interaction with our technicians and information about energy usage,” she said. “I feel like it’s been a huge success.”

When Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA) launched the RNCESP, which is administered by Ecofitt, Albertans registered 153,000 homes. As this one-time program nears completion, Ecofitt has delivered energy efficient upgrades to 118,000 of these homes and installed 28,000 smart thermostats.

Ecofitt has now been awarded the EEA contract for the Affordable Housing Energy Solutions Program, which will launch in September. This will reach 25,000 Albertans in vulnerable sectors using the same core team that carried Ecofitt through the RNCESP.

“Our workforce has been a crucial part of delivering this program, and will be indispensable in successfully completing the next,” said Pidlaski. “I’m very proud of my team. We lucked out in getting fantastic people that care about the work we’re doing.  Being able to mobilize such a great team is really what makes me love my job.”

By | General News

If you are an Enbridge Gas customer and meet the eligibility criteria, you may qualify to receive a free smart thermostat, including professional installation.

To learn more or to apply online, click here. You can also contact us at [email protected] for a program package.

Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan

By | Industry News

On November 29th, 2018 the Ontario government unveiled the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan to protect air, land and water resources as well as to support efforts to reduce GHG emissions in the province. Click here to read the full report.