Energy Efficiency Programs

Ecofitt provides complete program solutions and services for water,
electric and gas utilities, provincial and local government agencies, and Corporations.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Ecofitt has been trusted for over a decade by utility and government agencies across Canada to provide turn-key delivery services and solutions for energy efficiency and water saving programs.

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Current Programs

Residential Energy Programs

Ecofitt has over a decade of experience delivering high quality residential direct install programming and weatherization retrofits.

Through utility and government programs, Ecofitt has installed energy saving products in over 500,000 Canadian homes.

Customer satisfaction is our priority! With an average customer satisfaction rating of over 4.9 out of 5, our field technicians and local customer support center provide constant support to all home owners and program participants to ensure all needs are met in a timely manner.

Our field technicians across Canada are highly skilled and experienced and include certified HVAC technicians, electricians and plumbers.

Commercial Energy Programs

Ecofitt understands the importance of running an energy efficient business while keeping operating costs low and productive. As a conservation focused manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of products, we guarantee high quality turn-key programs and services that align with legislative and regulatory conditions.

Ecofitt employs professional and trained G2/G3 HVAC and Master Trades People on staff across provinces, possessing acute knowledge and experience for delivering commercial lighting and facility retrofits.

Studies show that with the right certified products, commercial lighting can save up to 80% in utility costs. Along with lighting, Ecofitt provides important weatherization upgrades, which are vital in making commercial buildings energy efficient. Whether lighting, weatherization or water saving measures, the efficiency enhancements that Ecofitt provides are key to successfully running an efficient business.

Energy Audits

Ecofitt has been certified by Natural Resources of Canada as a Service Organization to offer residential energy auditing services through our team of Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs).

Our trained certified energy auditors provide residential energy auditing services, including test and assign energy ratings to a home and make recommendations on how to best improve efficiency.

Through Ecofitt’s utility partnership programs, upgrades to a home are typically made, in most cases, with zero cost to the homeowner. In fact, often a customer will see thousands of dollars in energy savings as a direct result of upgrades made using our products. Our Energy Audits are a great first step in identifying where a home needs upgrades and provides unique solutions that are able to improve a homeowner’s efficiency needs.

Energy and Water Saving Kit Programs

Ecofitt offers a range of Energy Saving Kits that can be customized at every level; from products, custom packaging, re-packaging and custom box design. We also provide assembly and shipping services.

To date, Ecofitt has assembled, installed or delivered over 250,000 kits, each uniquely created for the energy efficiency needs of our customers. These kits are ideal for welcome packages or introductory products as a first step towards an energy efficient path.

Past Programs

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